Shuttle Race

Can your shuttle race?
Enter the ANWG Shuttle Race and find out!


Give a new life to an old or damaged weaving shuttle. Add some wheels, decorate it, and bring it to the conference.

On July 2, at 4:45pm, you can see if your shuttle has what it takes to be crowned champion. Or aim to win the prize for Best Dressed Shuttle. Cost to enter is $2 cash, which will go toward the event prizes.

Look for a Sign up sheet in the conference hospitality room Thursday-Saturday.

Here is a blog post from the Schacht Spindle Company to give you some ideas about how to transform a shuttle into a racer: We cannot wait to see what you come up with!


  • Your racing shuttle must have been a ‘real’ weaving shuttle prior to its transformation
  • Your racing shuttle should have wheels, so that it will move down a decline ramp to the finish line
  • You need to be at the track, located near Cadboro commons (where the banquet will be held) on July 2 from 4:40-5:00pm to race your shuttle
  • This is a fun event. The judge’s decision about which shuttle wins is non-negotiable.
  • No performance enhancing drugs or professional athletes, please!