Hints for the Dorm

Here are some hints to make your stay in the University of Victoria Dorms wonderful!

This info pertains mostly to the dorm rooms (single and double). Things may be slightly different in the apartments/clusters. While I base this information on my personal experiences staying in the UVic dorms during the summer and recent updates to their website, I apologize now if anything below is incorrect.

-Check in.  You will check in to residence (get your keys) at the Residence Services Building. You can see their location, and their proximity to Parking Lot 5 (where you need to park if staying in residence) on this map. Check-in to the residences starts at 3 pm. It is fairly unlikely you will have access to your room earlier than that. You can leave your bags in a secured area at Residence Services if you arrive early. But if you are travelling by car, we suggest you leave your luggage in your car until you check in.

 -Bring a pillow, a towel, and ALL your toiletries. The University dorms are clean, but sparse, accommodations. Do not expect fancy little toiletries or fluffy pillows. There is hand-soap in the bathrooms and basic linens are provided. The towels are fairly small. You may wish to bring your own fluffy pillow to supplement the thin one provided and an extra towel. (If you are flying to the conference, I’ve heard there is a limited supply of extra pillows and linens available through reception.)

 -Bring a hand towel. You will be sharing a bathroom with others on your floor, likely other conference attendees. To be kind and save time, you may want to bring an old hand (woven?) towel to leave in the bathroom. It is a drag to have to get your towel from your room each time, especially when you want to make a quick pit stop on the way to your next session. Don’t forget to collect your towel at the end of the conference.

 -Bring a lanyard for your keys. You will get keys on a small keychain to access your residence building and room. Your room door will lock behind you when you leave. A lanyard is useful, so that your keys are always with you. There is nothing worse than locking yourself out, in your nightie, after a midnight trip to the loo.

-Consider a small fan. Victoria has a lovely temperate climate. While the historical average high at the end of June is only 22’C (72’F), we do occasionally get really hot weather. And depending which way your room faces, it can really heat up. The residences do not have air conditioning. If the forecast is calling for hot, or you know you like it cooler, consider bringing a small fan for your room.

-Bring your tea bags. There is a kettle and microwave in the shared space on each floor. You may want to bring your favorite tea bags or instant coffee with you. There is not likely to be refrigeration or large quantities of ice available. If you want a cuppa without getting out of bed, you can also bring an electric kettle for your room.

-Communicate Easily. You will get the password for University WiFi. It is fairly fast and reliable. Get to know how to use Skype, or other apps, as a cheap way to communicate with home. You will also be emailed a daily newsletter during the conference, alerting you to the plans for the day, so bringing a device to check your email will be useful! (For those without easy access to email, we will have a few copies of the daily newsletter posted in our Meeting Place, Village Greens Room, in the Cadboro Commons Building)

 – Start with a good breakfast! In the Single/Double Dorms, you will get free breakfast vouchers when you check in to residence. The breakfast is a very generous, cafeteria-style buffet with hot and cold items. Cluster/apartment dwellers can get information about their breakfast options when they check-in.

Read the Rules. You can read the rules for your stay in residence on the UVic website: http://www.uvic.ca/residence/visitors/terms/index.php

(Photos of a Single Dorm Room. Taken summer 2016)



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