Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be a Complex Weavers’ meeting during the conference?

This information has now been added to the Conference Schedule. The Complex Weavers’ Meet and Greet is on Saturday, July 1st between 4:30 and 5:30 pm in the Village Greens Room, the same place in which you will check-in for the conference.

  • I couldn’t find a date and time for the ANWG annual meeting during conference.  When and where will it be held?

This information has now been added to the Conference Schedule. The ANWG AMM is on Friday, June 30th between 5 and 6:30 pm in the Village Greens Room, the same place in which you will check-in for the conference.

  • When I tried to register for one of the classes I wanted, the name of the class was missing from the list.

When a workshop, class or seminar is full, RegOnline removes the name of that workshop, class or seminar from the list. This is not something the Registrar can control. We will add “class full” to the appropriate description on the web page.

  • Will I be able to view any of the shows without registering for the conference? I want to go to the Market Hall and view the shows if possible.

Yes, absolutely. All the shows and the Market Hall will be open to the public. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Fashion Show garments will only be on display on Sunday, July 2nd. There is no entry fee for visiting the Market Hall or the shows.

  • May I buy a ticket for just the Fashion Show? I don’t want to attend the whole conference.

You may buy individual tickets to the Fashion Show, the Keynote Address, and the Banquet subject to availability. The A La Carte tickets will be on sale as of April 1st. If you go to the Registration page on the Conference website and look at the bottom of the page, the menu of individual tickets and their costs is listed.

  • Can I book my accommodation at the University at the same time that I register for the conference?

Yes, you can. Unlike previous ANWG conferences, though, registering for the conference and booking your accommodation are two separate steps. There are two live links on the Registration page–one will take you to the on-line registration form and the other will open an email request for accommodation at the University of Victoria which you will need to complete and send. You may complete these two steps in either order.

  • Are my accommodation and meals included in the cost of the conference?

Unfortunately, the University does not offer meal and accommodation packages. The cost of your accommodation is separate from the conference registration costs. The single dorm and twin dorm rooms come with breakfast, but you will  be responsible for purchasing the rest of your meals while at the conference.

  • Where will we be eating during the conference?

The University has a variety of places you can eat on campus. At this time, we are still waiting to hear which facilities will be available to us during the conference. As soon as we know more, it will be posted to Meals at the Conference.

  •  How do I become a member of ANWG?

First, you do not need to be a member to attend the conference. However, you must be a member to enter work in the fashion show, juried show and/or open show. Also, members get a $30 discount on the cost of the conference.

ANWG is an umbrella organization for guilds. Therefore, if your guild is a member of ANWG, you are automatically a member of ANWG. However, individuals with an interest in weaving and the fiber arts may join as Affiliate Individuals whether or not they also belong to a weaving guild.  Dues are $25 US a year.

To join as an Affiliate Individual, download and print out the 2017 Individual Affiliate Membership Form. If you live in Canada, you will need a money order for $25 in US money. If you live in the US,  send a cheque. Fill in the form and mail it with the money order/cheque to the address on the membership form.

  • I remember one over-the-border conference when we had problems mailing show entries.  Basically, customs and/or the post office didn’t know what to do with things that weren’t for sale or gifts and would be brought back home.

We suggest you write on the customs form “entry for show, display only, will be returning to Canada/US” , whichever is appropriate.

  • I am planning to bring a loom/spinning wheel/sewing machine across the border for my class. What do I tell Customs? 

We will be making a generic letter available on the Conference website for Conference participants to download. This letter will explain that you are attending a fibre arts conference, the equipment is necessary to your workshop and that it will be returning home with you.

  • Is there bus service to and from the Black Ball Ferry Terminal, and/or the WSDOT Ferry Terminal in Sydney, to the University?

There is bus service from both terminals to the University of Victoria. Service from the Black Ball Terminal is more frequent, but you have to walk several blocks to catch a bus. The service from the WSDOT Ferry Terminal is less frequent and you will have to change buses. Complete information on travelling from the ferries and airport to the university will be posted on the Conference website by March.

  • My husband is thinking of coming to Victoria with me. Will there be activities for him to do there?

We are not planning guided tours, however there a a lot of things to do in Victoria no matter what interests you. Start by taking a look at our list of Companion Activities.

Getting around Victoria is easy if you are bringing a car. However, there is a bus exchange on the University campus just 5 minutes from the residences, too. The university actively discourages students and staff from parking on campus so the bus service is excellent. A day pass for the bus costs $5 CAD and allows unlimited trips.

2017 is also Canada’s 150 birthday on July 1st. and there will be a lot of related events happening downtown. We will be adding those events to our Companion Activities page as we learn of them.

  • Can I check-in to my room on Tuesday June 27? When is check-out? Can I stay longer than the conference?

Check-in time for UVic accommodation is 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and check-out time is 11:00 am on the day of departure. You can check in and out on any day you wish. Just tell the staff what dates you want your room for when you book your room.

The pre-conference workshops start on Wednesday, June 28th so you probably should plan to arrive on the Tuesday, June 27 if you are taking a workshop.

The actual conference in on Saturday, July 1st. and Sunday, July 2nd. This is different from previous conferences. So you will need to check out on Monday, July 3rd if you are staying for the banquet and keynote address.