Mobility and Accessibility on Campus

Arial shot of UVIC

Arial shot of UVic. with Ring Road.

Parking with a Handicap Parking Permit
The Residences

The Campus

The University campus is completely flat which makes walking easier. However, like many campuses, it covers a big area. The classroom buildings are largely in the centre of the campus with a circular road, Ring Road, around them. There are parking lots close to the buildings inside Ring Road. The residences are outside Ring Road and have their own parking lot. Please visit the campus map for the layout of the buildings and distances involved. The campus map also shows the location of accessible parking and ramps to buildings.

I have estimated some distances for you to consider.

  • From the Cadboro Commons Building to the main classrooms in the Clearhue Building is about 300 m (328 yds).
  • From the Cadboro Commons Building to the Farquhar Auditorium in University Centre is about 500 m (550 yds).
  • From the Cadboro Commons Building to the Market Hall is about 600 m (650 yds).
  • From the Cadboro Commons Building to the MacLaurin Building classrooms is about 640 m (700 yds).

Parking with a Handicap Parking Permit
Campus Security accepts any valid Handicap Parking Permit including those from out-of-province or out-of-country as long as it is displayed on the front dashboard or hanging from the car mirror.

You may park in any lot including the lots inside Ring Rd. and in any parking space including those marked Reserved. You DO NOT have to park in a handicap only spot. If you park in a spot with a parking meter, you DO NOT have to use the meter. Instead, buy your parking pass from the parking dispenser and display it on your dashboard along with your parking permit. A day pass in a parking lot INSIDE Ring Rd (Lots C, B, and E) costs $15 CAD a day Monday to Friday. Parking is free in all lots Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you are staying in residence and would like to drive to a parking lot INSIDE Ring Rd (Lots C, B, and E) which is closer to your class, unfortunately you will have to buy an additional day pass for $15 CAD for that lot Monday to Friday. All parking is free Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

You can pre-purchase a daily parking pass by logging onto the Campus Security web page and creating a guest account. This will save you having to walk over and back from the parking dispenser. Look for the blue button which reads Purchase Parking Permits on the right side of the web page. When you set up your guest account, the phone number information is marked as optional, but you must include it to open an account.

The Residences

The University of Victoria Residence Services has a variety of residence buildings which are accessible with exterior ramps or level entrances. There are also accessible washrooms on each floor of most residences. However, some residences do not have elevators, particularly the buildings containing the cluster units and the twin dorms. Some buildings with cluster units are three floors high.

Residence Services is happy to book guests into first floor rooms upon request and based on room availability. They have assured us that if you request accessible housing, they should be able to fill your needs. However, do not wait to the last minute to book your room.