All accommodation for the Conference is booked separately from the Conference Registration.

Accommodation for the ANWG 2017 Northwest Weavers’ Conference will be available either in the University of Victoria residences or in a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast in downtown Victoria. If you wish to camp, there are some options for camping too.

You will have three different choices for rooms in the University of Victoria residences, some with kitchens and some without. Also, with the exception of the conference banquet on Sunday July 2nd, you will need to purchase your own meals either on or off-campus. Bed and breakfast is provided with the Dorm Room option only. All other University accommodation options DO NOT include any meals.

If you have mobility issues and are concerned about the distances you may need to walk on the campus, please go to our Mobility and Accessibility page. Also, please communicate your needs to University of Victoria Residence Services  They have assured us that if you request accessible housing, they should be able to fill your needs. However, do not wait to the last minute to book your room.

Many of the hotels and motels are downtown and you will either have to use a taxi or the bus system if you do not have a car. If you do not wish to stay in residence, please go to Accommodation Options in Victoria.