About the Conference

anwg-logoThe conference sponsor, the Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds, ANWG, is an umbrella organization for weavers’ guilds from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and western Canada including Alaska and the Yukon and east as far as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana.

ANWG has sponsored a biennial weavers’ conference hosted by one or more member Guilds since the first such conference in Seattle in 1957. The conferences are open to both ANWG and non-ANWG members. You are a member of ANWG if your guild is a member and you have paid dues to your guild.

Is this your first time attending an ANWG Conference?

The ANWG 2017 Northwest Weavers’ Conference theme is Treadle Lightly. Our conference is focused around exploring ways we can be more careful of our environment through the choices we make in our fibre activities.

ANWG 2017 Northwest Weavers’ Conference is made up of two distinct parts. There are Pre-conference Workshops and the Conference itself. You may decide to only take a Pre-conference Workshop, only attend the Conference, or to do both–the Pre-conference /Conference Package. At Registration, you will select one of these three choices which will each have a different cost attached. The conferences are open to both ANWG and non-ANWG members.

Pre-conference Workshops are three day workshops and are an opportunity to explore a topic in-depth. You will be able to take one workshop.

The Conference takes place over two days. It includes access to half-day and full-day seminars, a Fashion Show, a Banquet and Keynote Address, an Instructor’s Showcase, the Market Place and a variety of other events.

Whether you attend the Conference or not, you may enter your work in any of three shows. However, you must be an ANWG member to enter work in a show. the shows are:

  • A juried show–Super Natural Celebration.
  • An open show–Naturally Wonder Full.
  • A fashion show–Wild and Wonderful Wearables.

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General enquiries info@anwgconference2017.com