Conference News

Registration is OPEN!!

Entry forms for the Fashion Show, the Juried Show and the Open Show are now available on the website.

Please go to the workshop, class, and seminar pages and scroll down to see which classes are full. See the list of Featured Pre-Conference Workshops still open for registration.

Conference: Saturday, July 1 & Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pre-conference Workshops: Wednesday to Friday,
June 28-30, 2017

Featured Workshops

We are honoured to host a variety of talented instructors at our conference. Why not try something new?

Here are a selection of Pre-Conference Workshops that still have a place for you:


Polly Adams Sutton – Lidded Cedar Bark Pagoda

For those of you who love basketry, Polly Adams Sutton is offering a 3-day workshop titled Lidded Cedar Bark Pagoda with the end product being the cutest basket I have ever seen.

Polly works with Western Red Cedar she harvests herself from the forests around her home and prepares for her own and her students’ use. She is interested in the sculptural forms she can create with cedar bark.



Michele Boyd – Spinning Superior Socks

If you love knitting socks, Michele Boyd’s 3-day beginner workshop–Spinning Superior Socks–still has some spaces available. Michele has asked us to let you know that she is happy to accommodate any type of wheel— double drive, Scotch tension, and bobbin-led. So sign up, pack up your wheel and come to the conference.

Karen Selk – Silk Fusion

Karen Selk, textile designer and artist, original owner of TreenWay Silk and longtime weaving instructor, is looking forward to introducing you to a new medium—Silk Fusion. This unique technique uses a medium to bond silk fibers into a lustrous kind of “felt” which can be gossamer and transparent or thick and opaque as leather. Silk fusion is a perfect canvas for hand or machine stitching, printing, stamping, origami, quilting, jewellery, wearable art, book coverings, and collage. Participants will make numerous samples and then be provided with patterns for hats, bags, and boxes.

Dianne Totten –Crimp and Create

Learn how to weave fabric that that is permanently pleated even when washed; and those pleats can form a design of their own. Not only can you use this fabric to make an entire garment, you can use “crimp cloth” to replace knitted ribbing for a sweater or to add a knit look to the collar area of a jacket. This is an on-loom workshop using a variation of woven shibori for both warp and weft. Participants will draft, weave, and crimp their samples in class to discover the endless possibilities.

Gaye Vallance – Ancient Fibers: Eco-Yarns

Gayle uses colour and texture to create unique yarns, making the best use of dyes and fibres, as well as spinning, weaving, braiding and felting techniques. The characteristics of bast fibres–flax, bamboo bast, hemp, and ramie–will be discussed. Instruction will focus on spinning, finishing, and dyeing bast yarns for weaving. Bast fabric swatches will be dyed, printed, and discharged to further show the diverse possibilities of these fibres. Complex yarn structures will create cables, cords, and ropes suitable for garment embellishment and for strengthening straps, handles, and loops on purses and bags. Jewellery will be constructed to highlight the character of the complex bast yarns


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